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Lush green vineyards are waiting for you…

We bring you unique and affordable wine tours through Nashik & Nandi Hill vineyards.


  • Nashik

    Nashik is often referred as India's very own Napa Valley. Under an azure blue sky and surrounded by picturesque Western Ghat mountains, Nashik is the home of some of the finest Indian wines. Warmer days and cooler nights, gentle slope, fertile landscape - all these make a perfect setting of a great wine country. Nashik is India's wine capital. Lavish vineyards and well-developed winery infrastructure make Nashik the perfect wine tour destination. If you want to experience first hand the Indian wine growth story and taste some of the finest Indian labels, your quest would certainly bring you to Nashik. Whether you are a true wine enthusiast or a common nature loving tourist, Nashik would fascinate you for sure. Our Wine Guru would help you unravel the mysteries surrounding wine and wine making; he /she would take you through the vineyards and will give you interesting inputs about wine tasting and you could see for yourself the intricate process of winemaking.    Know More   

  • Bangalore   

    Located in the breathtakingly beautiful southern peninsula of India, Karnataka produces some of India's world-class wines. One of India's oldest and internationally acclaimed wine labels is produced in this region. Nandi hills and Kaveri valleys are the key wine producing regions around Bangalore, which also happens to be one of the world's major IT hubs. Undoubtedly the region is a perfect getaway for the wine buffs. The Wine Club - Vineyard Discovery programme would let you unwind in this tranquil natural setting and help you experience Karnataka's finest wines paired with some great warmth and hospitality... (To join our latest tour please   CLICK HERE)   

  • Akluj & Baramatinew

    About 175 km southeast of Pune, Akluj is a part of the Deccan plateau. Nestled in the heart of Maharashtra's sugar belt, this magical place boasts of the Largest Winery Estate of India - Fratelli. The view from the hilltop of Fratelli vineyards provides a breathtaking experience that can easily be compared to many celebrated European wine destinations. The state-of-the-art winery and the tasting room of Fratelli can certainly win the hearts of many... including the hard-to-satisfy wine critics. Some of India's best wines are produced here without a doubt.

    Baramati (about 100 km from Pune) has recently become another wine destination with the opening of the spectacular estate and hospitality facility by Four Seasons Wines (USL). Many international award winning wines are produced at this facility. Without visiting this larger-than-life facility the Indian wine story would never be completed. Both Baramati and Akluj are easily accessible from Mumbai/ Pune/Goa & Hyderabad... (This trail is currently available on request)   

  • World

    Explore the wine routes across the world with us. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery packaged with magnificent landscape, towering sea cliffs, sparkling streams, ever-changing colours of majestic mountains, rivers and most important of all, vineyards stretched across miles. (Coming Soon)

What makes these journeys more special are the friendly interactions by The Wine Club's Wine Gurus who would explain the intricacies of wine tasting in a simple and uncomplicated manner. Join us in these magical mystery tours and treasure finer experiences of a lifetime.

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What to expect

  • »Experience the exquisite natural beauty of the lustrous green vineyards amidst the magical aroma of wine.
  • »Enjoy a luxurious weekend and experience some of the finest Indian wines right at the heart of the winery.
  • »Learn the intricate details about wine, wine making, wine tasting, etc. from our 'Wine Gurus'.
  • »Enjoy Grape Stomping (during season, in select vineyards) and take some jaw dropping pictures for your social media friends.
  • »A wine tour is never complete without music. Savour your glass of wine with some live, soul soothing numbers.
  • »Participate in fun wine contests and win loads of prizes.
  • "I had a great time in the wine discovery trail and enjoyed the learnings as much as I enjoyed the whole experience. I would most certainly want to do this again with different vineyards..."

    Kapil Biyani (Mumbai)

    "I would like to thank Avijit/Donna/Harpreet and Suresh for the great effort and expertise with which the wine tour was done..."

    Andrew Williams (Mumbai)

  • "The overall tour experience was refreshing and unique and was worth the money. It definitely creates great memories of a lifetime. Donna, Prashant and Jay did a great job. Thanks a ton..."

    Neha Gavankar (Nashik)

    "Admired the knowledge of the wine educator, as also his patience to answer all the questions however big or small..."

    Dipali Turakhia (Bangalore)

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